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Jack Tawil Brief Overview

More than 20 years of combined experience in the healthcare, retail and finance industries. Most recently, he was founder, chairman and CEO of CheckUps, which pioneered Wal-Mart’s convenient care program and became the largest operator with 23 locations across multiple states. Jack Tawil began his career in retail. He founded Swatch Express in 1990, and subsequently created Suisse American, a multi-national corporation with offices in Zurich, London, and New York. He has worked closely with some of the most renowned retailers in the world including Harrods;the famous London-based department store;and Faconnable. Additionally, Tawil was a partner in SRJ Financial Group, a New York-based broker dealer / investment bank.

More about Jack Tawil

Jack Tawil has often been called a visionary and thought leader of our time. Having accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare, retail and finance industries, he is best known for being the driving force behind the development of Quick Quality Care and “CheckUps”, which was at the forefront of the convenient care program at Wal-Mart. In addition, Jack also founded Swatch Express in 1990 and worked side-by-side with some of the world’s most renowned retailers. While you may not have heard of Jack directly, it’s very likely that you’ve encountered and embraced something in your lifetime that would have never existed if it weren’t for Mr. Tawil.


Wal-Mart CheckUps Program

Even though it is no longer operational, having closed in 2008 as a result of Walmart’s change in clinical strategy, the Checkups program at Wal-Mart has a reputation for being a forward thinking and well-meaning program. Jack Tawil was the driving force behind this program that would go on to operate healthcare clinics within Wal-Mart stores in an effort to provide high quality affordable healthcare services to those in need. The CheckUps Program was considered a savior by those who could not afford to pay the high price of health insurance, as well as those that were not eligible for government funded healthcare. Jack Tawil made it possible for these people to have access to much needed care at an affordable price. In fact Checkups was the first convenient care operator to enter Louisiana just after Hurricane Katrina and operated five clinics within the state to assist in providing the victims of the tragedy with much needed healthcare services.

Swatch Express

The former founder and president of Swatch Express, Jack Tawil was single handedly responsible for developing the original Swatch Watch Kiosk program. To date, many Swatch Kiosks are still successfully operating. Without the forward thinking of Jack Tawil this would not be the case.

 In 1990 Jack was co- managing a small regional jewelry chain. At Jacks’ insistence the chain began carrying several Swiss watch brands including Tag Heuer, Ramond Weil and Swatch. A watch collector since his childhood, Jack was infatuated with Swatch watches. They were inexpensive and cool. When the Swatch salesman called on the chain and showed Mr. Tawil the first Swatch Chrono “Navy Berry” prior to its retail launch, Mr. Tawil gave an order for “as many Chrono’s as you have”. A family member standing nearby countered to Mr. Tawil that “You are crazy, nobody is going to spend $80 for a plastic watch” Jack responded that he will buy them all personally if they did not sell. With that guarantee in hand he was advised to “do whatever you want”. With a challenge in hand, Mr. Tawil went on to take an order from the next customer that entered the store for 20 Navy Berry watch’s sight unseen. Shortly after leaving the store this customer (who happed to be Italian) returned and asked if he can get some more chrono Swatches. Mr. Tawil went on to develop the first and largest “Gray Market” swatch business into Italy, and became one of the key people in the world fueling the Swatch collectors market. Recognizing the need to secure steady and large supplies of Swatch watchs, Jack Tawil developed and implemented the first ever Swatch Express Kiosk- also known as the world’s original swatch watch kiosk program.

At the present time there are many Swatch Watch kiosks that operate worldwide. This fact in and of itself shows how innovative and forward thinking Jack Tawil is. The Swatch Express program was truly before its time.

Suisse American Products Group - ILPG - BAPG - CPG

Jack Tawil’s time as Founder and CEO of Suisse American Products Group (SAPG) truly shows how incredibly innovative he is as a thinker. In his time in charge, Jack was responsible for the development and marketing of all of the company brands. The brands that he was responsible for overseeing included Harrods, Land Rover and Faconnable. In addition, Jack was also the driving force behind establishing locations in New York, London, Zurich and Geneva.

During his time in London, Jack worked with Mr. Herman Martyn who was the managing director of SAPG UK. While technically the boss Mr. Tawil looks upon his time spent with Mr. Martyn as a crash course in international retailing with Mr. Martyn as the professor. Mr. Martyn was the nephew of Sir Isaac Wolfson, the Chairman of Great Universal Stores (GUS) and one of the early employees of GUS (Today GUS, which once had thousands of stores and included the Burberry and Experian financial brands, have been spun off to its shareholders). Mr. Martyn shared his great retailing experience with Mr. Tawil and shared insight and advised on all aspects of the business.

During his years in the UK Mr. Tawil signed the first worldwide license with Harrods Department Store in its long and storied history. Mr. Tawil not only developed luxury products collections, but also developed the Harrods Luxury Boutique program. He had the unique privilege to work with Bill Mitchell, Harrods long time architect and creator of the world famous “Egyptian Hall” at Harrods. Mr. Mitchell’s office at Harrods was located inside the iconic dome topping the landmark Knightsbridge location. Mr. Tawil was one of the few “outsiders” to have had the privilege to spend extended amounts of time in the “dome” interacting with one of the recognized architectural geniuses of our time.

The Harrods program went on to join the Couture Conference and Collection replacing Tiffany & Co at the prestigious trade event. Mr. Tawil was an exhibiting member of the Couture show for many years and was even the creator of many of the Town and Country Couture Design Awards – the Jewelry Industries equivalent to the EMMY awards. Mr. Tawil parted ways with Harrods following a dispute with Harrods famous owner at the time – Mohammad Al Fayed (Father of Dodi Al Fayed, the man who died in the famous car crash with Princess Diana) over plans Mr. Tawil has proposed for the development of a full scale Harrods Department Store in Las Vegas on the land that now houses the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Further Mr. Tawil discovered that Mr. Al Fayed had been breaching the licensing contract with his company from the start. Following a protracted legal battle Mr. Tawil’s company won a judgment against Harrods for 35 Million British Pounds . Later reversed upon appeal – during the same time period it was discovered the Mr. Al Fayed was paying of Judges in the U.K. with paper bags full of money. Mr. Tawil was advised that he would not be able to win against such corruption and subsequently abandoned any attempt at further litigation.

In addition Mr. Jack Tawil was also able to sign a worldwide license with Land Rover for Luxury goods as well as secure exclusive United States distribution rights for the Faconnable luxury goods brand in the watch and small leather goods categories. Further Mr. Tawil had the great privilege to work with a brand owned by the Queen of England – Royal Ascot (the world famous horse race and social event) and proudly displays a letter of thanks received from the Queens secretary for a unique gift ( a diamond “Queen” piece from a million dollar diamond chess set Mr. Tawil had created for the Royal Ascot brand together with his good friend and famous diamond dealer Charlie Hollander) Mr. Tawil presented to the Queen.

To round out his royal infatuation, Mr. Tawil worked with Princess Diana’s long time butler, friend and confident, Paul Burrell. He helped Paul create the Royal Butler and Royal Manor collections which launched on HSN just prior to Mr. Tawil diverting his fulltime attention to transforming the healthcare industry.

Other Ventures

On top of all of the aforementioned accomplishments, Jack Tawil has also been successfully involved in numerous other ventures. Central to those ventures is his time as partner and director of SRJ Financial Group. SRJ Financial Group provides solutions to small business and entrepreneurs. Jack was one of the senior level executives that was responsible for truly helping to develop small business owners that needed assistance analyzing and optimizing their operations.
Because of his ability to be a forward thinker, Jack has been able to act on and implement business models that have become popular and mainstream years after he first introduced them. The mark of true success is consistency. Jack Tawil has been able to consistently prove that his ventures are on the cutting edge while providing society with services that they so desperately need. The name Jack Tawil will always be associated with vision, action and integrity.